Kenneth R. Crudup

Kenneth R. Crudup

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Last revision: September, 2015

Offering Linux/Android/UNIX systems experience in the following areas: Applications/Utility/Kernel/Device/Embedded Systems Development, User Applications, Porting, Operations, Communications, Networking, and QA



Recent Work Experience

Fetch Robotics, San Jose, CA May 2017-Present

Brought up latest Linux kernels on their products’ CPUs. Brought WiFi and BT to latest firmware and driver levels. Improved Power-Management on their robots’ x86-based CPUs

Happiest Baby, Santa Monica, CA March 2017-May 2017

Greatly improved Wifi performance for the "Snoo" IoT bassinet. Brought WiFi driver to latest driver and firmware levels. Optimized MIMO antenna functionality in line with current hardware and software. Used Nuvoton ARM SoCs and RealTek WiFi devices

Credence ID, INC. - Emeryville, CA June 2016-March 2017

Implemented BSP (bootloader, kernel and Android HAL) for new Android-based handheld ID verification devices. Brought BSP (bootloader, kernel, Android HAL) to latest levels for existing products in company's portfolio. Wrote and modified device drivers for new peripherals on new devices. Improved power-management, WiFi/BT/WAN connectivity on our existing devices. Used Freescale I.MX and TI AM335x ARM SoCs

Jibo, Mountain View, CA October 2015-June 2016

Responsible for implementing a Secure-Booting setup on an Nvidia Tegra TK1-based robotics device. Designed code for creating public/private key pairs, flashing software securely and using Public-Key Cryptography to lock down bootloader and kernel code to prevent unsigned-image flashing onto the Robot

Honda Research Institute, Mountain View, CA February 2015-Present

Responsible for implementing kernel modules and application code to facilitate monitoring of video streams and various automotive sensors (via CAN and Ethernet buses) for delivery to automated automobile applications. Work concentration was in low-level programming of a Linux-based data collection and data-delivery machine

SpectraLink, Boulder, CO August 2014-December 2015

Responsible for implementing an improved power-management subsystem in the kernel, device-drivers and wireless modules for the Spectralink Android-handset-based telephony system. Modified a WLAN driver to enhance basic power management, as well as increasing the standby battery life of their Android handsets by removing unnecessary wakelocks and increasing the deep-sleep states available

AEther Things, San Francisco, CA December-2013-February 2015

Responsible for enhancing Kernel and userspace for a Freescale i.MX/FSL ARM SoC that was the basis for an embedded Linux kernel driving the AEther Cone Intelligent Music Appliance. Also worked with the ALSA Drivers, Power Management and WiFi kernel drivers. Was involved in the bringup, BSP and Boot Loader (u-boot) as well as eliminating kernel panic()s and hangs.

Allot Communications, San Diego CA August 2013-December 2013

Responsible for upgrading Sandy Bridge CPU blade hardware and device-drivers from stock Linux 2.6 to custom Linux 3.11 kernel builds, including the work to patch CentOS versions 5 and 6 into KickStart installs using these custom kernels.

Lytro, Mountain View CA February 2013-July 2013

Involved in bringing up the kernel, device-drivers and bootloader on Lytro's next-generation Android-based camera on Qualcomm 8974-based hardware. Solved harrowing technical issues that arose from using an SOC that had not yet been finalized.

Audience, Mountain View CA November 2012-February 2013

Involved in integrating the Audience eS315 and eS515 Noise-Reduction chipsets into Android handsets as an ALSA audio kernel driver on Qualcomm SoC-based handsets via the SlimBus or I2S bus.

Broadcom, Sunnyvale CA June 2012-November 2012

Involved in the development of Kernels and Device Drivers for Samsung Android handsets using Broadcom chipsets. Also involved in crash-dump analysis and bug fixing for same. Involved with WiFi, device bringup, LCD, and USB drivers, and bootloader.

Lab126 (Amazon), Cupertino CA July 2011-June 2012

Responsibilities: Android Kernel Development, Linux Kernel Device-Driver Development and Android Platform Internals Development for the Kindle Fire and upcoming Amazon products using TI’s 4430/4460/4470 SoCs

Sierra Wireless Incorporated, Newark CA July 2011-June 2012

Responsibilities: Embedded Linux Kernel Development and Embedded Linux Kernel Device-Drivers for SWI’s line of Mobile- and Enterprise-WAN Communications devices.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, San Diego/Redwood Shores, CA July 2009-June 2011

Responsibilities: Developing BSP and Device Drivers for the Xperia Play Android-based handset using Qualcomm chipsets. Linux kernel, Android applications, JTAG, Input layer, WiFi and BT.

Celio Corp, Salt Lake City, UT February 2009-June 2009

Responsibilities: Embedded developer for Linux and the Google Android OS. Wrote USB networking driver for Google G1 Android phone. Developed Java customer application on Android OS. Enhanced client's graphics-based application.

Broadcom, Irvine, CA October 2008-January 2009

Responsibilities: Developing USB and SPI device-drivers for Broadcom's proprietary MIPS-based Linux kernels.

ArtLogic, Pasadena, CA August 2008-October 2008

Responsibilities: Implementing Linux kernel drivers on a Freescale I.MX ARM processor for: several I2C-based devices, an SPI-driven device, and developing an input-layer for a keyboard device for real-time apps.

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